Taylor Screens has Tasmania’s largest range of insect screen solutions.

It is a bold claim, but we believe we can provide an insect screen solution for just about any opening, from the smallest toilet window to the largest bifold or stacker door.

The key to effective insect screens is all in the measuring – and we are the experts when it comes to that.

With the largest range of options, if we can’t screen it – no one can!



Most windows can be screened with aluminium framed insect screens which are relatively inexpensive and are highly durable.

Taylor Screens uses an extruded aluminium flyscreen frame section as this results in a stronger frame less prone to buckling and warping.  As for our doors, we use only the strongest available aluminium corner stakes, which minimises the risk of damage to your screens when you need to remove them for glass cleaning.

The mesh is a highly discrete and durable PVC coated fibreglass mesh.

Standard colours include:

Pearl White, Primrose, Black, New Hammersley Brown, Hawthorn Green, Rivergum Beige, Clear Anodised and Bronze Anodised.

Alternatively for a small additional cost we can arrange custom powdercoating of your insect screen frames to any of the colours in the Dulux powdercoat range which appears in the following PDF.


Dulux Powdercoat Colours.pdf


Cedar MagicSeal

Outward opening windows require the insect screen to be fitted on the inside of the window.  However windows with locks and latches require removal of the screen to access the latch.  Rigid framed insect screens make this process difficult and can easily snag on curtains and blinds.

MagicSeal Magentic Insect Screens are the ideal solution to this problem because they are flexible, and peel back providing easy access to locks and latches, and snap straight back into place when released.

The result is an, easy to use, 100% effective insect screen barrier with no gaps for spiders and other nasties to enter the home.

The flexible MagicSeal frame is available in 9 colour choices to blend discretely to the window and can be fabricated to screen odd shaped windows including those with triangular and curved frames.



Taylor Screens is the Tasmanian distributor for Freedom Retractable Screens, which are the ideal solution for screening large openings such as French Doors, Bi-folds Doors and Stacker Doors as well as Kitchen Servery Windows.

Freedom Retractable Screens are brilliantly engineered products, which are designed to last and all come with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

The only thing that isn’t covered by the warranty is accidental damage to the mesh.

Freedom Retractable Screens let the outside in!



The Freedom Elite Screen is a highly discrete retractable screen that can span up to 2 metres with a single cassette pulling from one side and up to  4 metres for a double cassette unit pulling from each side of the door opening, and meeting in the centre.

The Freedom Screens are highly discrete, and having installed these screens since 2003, we usually reccomend that a double unit be considered wherever the screen is being used on a large opening in a high traffic area. This will minimise the posibility of walk through damage.

The Freedom Elite is constructed from extruded aluminium, and features a highly durable UV resistant fibreglass mesh.

A unique feature of this product is a patented self-locking braking system which stops the screen as soon as the handle is released at any point along the track.



The Freedom Infinity Screen can span up to 3.6 metres in a single unit and up to 7.2 metres in a double unit which makes them ideal for use with large bi-fold and stacker doors.

The Infinity screen features a unique zipline technology where the mesh is captive to the track, which protects the screen in windy areas.

As for the Freedom Elite screen we usually reccomend that a double unit be considered wherever the screen is being used on a large opening in a high traffic area. This will minimise the posibility of walk through damage.

The Infinity is constructed from extruded aluminium, and features a highly durable UV resistant fibreglass mesh which can be stopped with the braking system at any point along the track.



Screening large windows is now easier than ever with the Freedom Pull -Down screen.

The Freedom Pull-Down screen is a classy addition to any servery style kitchen window,  making it easier than ever to to pass food & drinks through to the BBQ area whilst keeping the flies & mosquitoes out of the kitchen.

Many hard to screen windows such as bi-fold, stacker and french windows can be easily and discretely screened with a Freedom Pull-Down screen.



Freedom Multi Panel Pleated screens are a unique insect screen ideally suited for large doors & outdoor areas.

Freedom Multi Panel Pleated screens has a vast array of applications and features convenient entry/exit at any panel junction and the unique 3mm high lower track for safety and style.

Our revolutionary connection system works by joining a series of retracting insect screen sashes together using magnets.

This is great for convenience as you can enter or exit from any point along the opening or you may link each sash together with an optional connecting bracket.

Another unique feature of the connection system is that the sashes may be stacked to either end or bi-parted from the centre of the opening. The sashes may also be easily removed and stored away; e.g. in winter.



We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with no obligation quotation and to answer any questions you may have about this product.

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