Disruptive noise? Damaging condensation?

MagicSeal combines established double glazing principles with our unique magnetic sealing system to achieve cost effective acoustic and thermal insulation for existing windows.

Safeguard your living environment against damaging effects of condensation, UV radiation, noise pollution and energy loss without the mess and invasive process required for installing conventional double glazing.

MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing is 11 times stronger than glass and does not shatter it is manufactured from premium quality clear optical grade acrylic sheet, high performance high temperature plastics and strong quality magnets from Europe.

MagicSeal’s Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing system improves your property’s thermal efficiency, reduces your energy costs and keeps you warm. It is a cost competitive solution compared to installing new windows and has the ability to maintain the look of heritage windows in period homes.


Dou-Slide double glazing units are best described as a sliding aluminium window which is fitted inside the existing window to reduce noise entering from outside.

The Duo-Slide window features a double Schlegel seal so that when the windows are closed, they form a tight seal trapping a still layer of air in the interior space between the windows. The trapped air pocket acts as a noise baffle allowing sound that enters the primary window to dissipate within the interlocked airspace.

To maximise the acoustic insulation provided by the Duo-Slide window, we fit the Duo-Slide window as far away from the exterior glass as the window frame and window furnishings will allow.

The Duo-Slide system can also be used to provide thermal insulation of sliding aluminium windows which cannot be insulated with the MagicSeal secondary glazing system.

To maximise the thermal insulation properties of the Duo-Slide system, we fit so as to create a narrow airspace between the two windows thereby reducing convection in the internal airspace, which in turn reduces heat loss by conduction.

The Duo-Slide system is also a very effective method of controlling nuisance condensation.



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