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From humble beginnings back in 1962, Amplimesh has been protecting Australian families for 50 years ‐ a claim no other home security product can match.

The Supascreen family of products detailed below combine unparalleled security with contemporary style, to make homes both highly livable and secure.

Follow the link below to see why more and more Australian families are turning to Supascreen from Amplimesh to enhance and protect their lifestyle.

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Supascreen lets the fresh air in but that’s all.

Supascreen hinged doors offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with clear and unobstructed outdoor views.

It’s strength and durability also offers you peace of mind of knowing
your home is secure.

Using 316 marine grade high tensile stainless steel, woven into a fine
mesh, the Amplimesh Supascreen is a modern innovation in security product technology.

These stainless steel mesh security doors are assembled using a unique patented pressure process, eliminating the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap-ins to retain the mesh panel. It also ensures no dissimilar metal surfaces come into contact with each other, avoiding the possibility of corrosion.

Supascreen doors feature a 3 point locking system and the heavy duty frame can be powdercoated to the Dulux powdercoat colour of your choice.

Hinged Double Fornt Door

Supascreen makes for a grand and secure entrance.

Supascreen doors have a 10 YEAR WARRANTY for long term peace of mind, and because the mesh is a woven stainless steel, they will take all the bumps and knocks of family life (including pets) and will never need to be re-meshed.

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Open Slider Night

Supascreen is also available for sliding patio doors.

An added security feature is the addition of an interlocking channel on the trailing edge of the Supascreen door that locks into the door frame of your patio door.

Supascreen lets the outside in, but keeps both the thugs and the bugs out!

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Supascreen sliders provide the peace of mind that you can take a nanna-nap, be down the garden, or nip down to school to pick up the kids without wondering who might pop in in the meantime.



The Amplimesh Supascreen Folding Door is a revolutionary new product capable of screening large openings whilst maintaining your view and enhancing today’s lifestyle of in-home alfresco dining.

Securing the inside of your home is now a breeze with virtually unobstructed views and an area free of insects.

The Supascreen folding door overcomes the age old compromise between large openings and security – now you can have both!

This system can be retro-fitted to existing folding doors or installed as a
stand-alone security door or patio enclosure.

It incorporates a patented stainless steel mesh system and a new heavy duty security frame for improved strength.

The multiple panel system can be configured to open in or out, and the panels can be stacked side-by-side when the door is open.

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The Supascreen folds back when not in use in exactly the same way a bi-fold door stacks away, allowing you the ultimate flexibility to have the room totally open or screend and secured, or totally closed up and totally secure.


Supascreen Fire Egress

Feel safe, even in emergency situations.

The Amplimesh Supascape fire egress security system has been designed and tested to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home via the windows, but provides you and your family with an easy escape path in the event of a fire or other critical situations that may arise in your home.

It is a window security screen that cannot be opened from the outside but allows an easy exit in the event of an emergency.

The slim-line keyless design allows you to gain easy access to the glass for cleaning.

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Please see the attached PDF for Dulux Powdercoat colour options.

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